Puncture Proof Tyres offer you all the roll and ride of a traditional pneumatic tyre,
but are guaranteed never to go flat!

• Bike riders - just imagine how much hassle that could save you?
• Gardeners - never pump up a wheelbarrow or lawnmower wheel again.
Greenkeepers/Groundsmen - have the right pressure without any of the effort.
• Commercial and Industrial users - think of the downtime savings you could make.

What's more, Puncture Proof Tyres are even more environmentally friendly than rubber pneumatics - from the moment they're made to the point they're recycled making them the natural choice.

"Hi, I purchased a set of cycle tyres from you last November and this has been the best year I've had. The joy of not having a flat and riding all terrain! Thanks a lot!"

- Oliver Forster

"First of all great product! I bought 2 puncture proof tyres off you last year and I have
to say they are the absolutely superb. I cycle about 80 miles a week on the canal
towpath - really tough terrain - and they are still going strong.
They have actually now outlived the bike!"

- Mr. J. Stepto

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Perfect Balance • Low rolling resistance • Shock Absorption • Easy to fit • Will never crack or dry out • 100% recyclable

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